Yu-Gi-Oh! Everything's Relative

If Yugi is eliminated from the tournament, KaibaCorp’s crooked Board of Directors will transfer control of the company from Kaiba to Pegasus! Kaiba’s younger brother Mokuba challenges Yugi to a duel, not only to protect his brother’s company but to regain their honor! Is Pegasus successfully manipulating possible allies against each other?

  • Season 1: Episode 8
  • Duration: 20:16
  • Air Date: 11.17.2001
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Season 1: Ep 9 Duration: 20:43

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel With a Ghoul

Yugi must duel a magical doppelganger of Kaiba created from the greed and powerlust Yugi wiped from Kaiba’s soul. But with his best cards resting at the bottom of the ocean, Yugi must discover a new strategy if he’s to survive fake Kaiba’s powerful Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

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