Yu-Gi-Oh! A Duel With Dartz!, Part 1

It’s time for the endgame! After discovering the location of Dartz’s secret base in the middle of the ocean, our heroes are on their way to stop Dartz once and for all –with the entire navy as their escort! However, Dartz’s island is magically guarded with thundering maelstroms and tornadoes that prevent anyone from approaching! Can they reach Dartz before he resurrects the lethal Grand Dragon Leviathan from its millennial slumber?

  • Season 4: Episode 33
  • Duration: 21:17
  • Air Date: 05.07.2005
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Season 4: Ep 35 Duration: 21:21

Yu-Gi-Oh! A Duel With Dartz!, Part 3

Dartz plants the souls of our captured heroes into Mirror Knights to use them as puppets to fight the Pharaoh and Kaiba! How can the Pharaoh duel when attacking Dartz may force him to attack Yugi? Does he dare risk eliminating his best friend forever? Our heroes better beware, for this is the least of Dartz’s malevolent manipulations as his dark designs come to light!

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