Yu-Gi-Oh! Rise of the Great Beast, Part 2

Grand Dragon Leviathan’s thunderous roars unleash hundred-foot tall waves worldwide to destroy every town and city on Earth and wash away all traces of humanity! How can Yugi’s simple soul stop the annihilation of the planet from the greatest natural disaster in history? Billions of lives are at stake in the thrilling conclusion where failure means extinction!

  • Season 4: Episode 40
  • Duration: 21:20
  • Air Date: 05.28.2005
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Unwanted Guest, Part 1

Yugi and the gang have saved the world from Dartz and his Grand Dragon Leviathan, but they’re about to face their biggest challenge yet – How will they get home when they have no money?! Fortunately, Kaiba has a plan... but there’s a catch! It’s time for the KC Grand Championship!

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