Yu-Gi-Oh! Deja Duel!, Part 2

Not only does Alister’s mighty fiend gain attack points for every fiery monster on the field, but it can also take control of Kaiba’s monsters! With Alister’s army growing while Kaiba’s squad whittles into nothing, will Alister get his seething revenge, or will Kaiba be recognized as a true duelist and get aid from the monster domain?

  • Season 4: Episode 6
  • Duration: 20:51
  • Air Date: 10.16.2004
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Yu-Gi-Oh! An Unexpected Enemy

On the way to Industrial Illusions, Yugi and friends are ambushed by a band of motorcycle thugs - until their favorite friend soars to the rescue on the wings of her Harpie Lady! Mai’s back to help Yugi take down Dartz and save the world from annihilation... or is a topsy-turvy twist in the works?

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