Yu-Gi-Oh! Paradise Found

Dartz has taken over KaibaCorp! The timing couldn’t be any worse - the only supercomputer in the world that can decipher the Atlantean hieroglyphics is housed within the four walls of KaibaCorp! Can Kaiba, with Yugi’s help, break into his own company which he’s protected with the latest in security technology? Not only is the company built to punish every unwanted intruder, but vicious monsters are hot on their tail, ready to feast on them!

  • Season 4: Episode 24
  • Duration: 21:11
  • Air Date: 02.12.2005
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Season 4: Ep 25 Duration: 20:13

Yu-Gi-Oh! Fighting for a Friend, Part 1

Dartz launches the final phase of his plan by having his minions of Orichalcos Soldiers attack all around the world, leaving Yugi and gang with no one left to trust! With chaos running rampant, Valon separates Joey from his friends for a final showdown with Mai’s heart on the line! How can Joey beat Valon by himself when both Duke and Rebecca couldn’t even leave a dent in Valon’s armor?

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