Yu-Gi-Oh! In the Name of the Pharaoh

The Pharaoh and Kaiba’s combined strength couldn’t defeat Zorc! All our powerful heroes have fallen... except Yugi! Yugi must give the Pharaoh his name, but Yugi doesn’t know how to read ancient Egyptian text! All bets are off in the final clash where Yugi has to protect the past to save the future!

  • Season 5: Episode 47
  • Duration: 21:14
  • Air Date: 05.06.2006
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Season 5: Ep 48 Duration: 21:13

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Final Journey

Pharaoh Atem, Yugi and friends have defeated the bandit Bakura and Zorc, but the final test still awaits! Yugi must duel... Atem! As they set sail to the final dueling grounds, everyone realizes that after many years, this may be the final night Yugi and Atem have together...

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