Yu-Gi-Oh! Awakening of Evil, Part 1

In the second duel of the Battle City Finals, Odion, disguised as Marik, befuddles Joey with numerous traps to bring the duel to a stalemate. However, Joey has Giant Trunade, the perfect counter to Odion’s strategy that guarantees Joey victory… or is Joey falling into another trap?

  • Season 2: Episode 37
  • Duration: 21:53
  • Air Date: 09.20.2003
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Season 2: Ep 38 Duration: 21:20

Yu-Gi-Oh! Awakening of Evil, Part 2

Odion’s Embodiments of Apophis run roughshod over Joey’s monsters… and his life points! Can Joey effectively utilize the monsters he won earlier in the tournament, or is he already too flustered to mount a successful counterattack?

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