Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Fisherman, Part 2

Mako’s oceanic warrior The Legendary Fisherman unleashes a wave of destruction by stealthily destroying Joey’s monsters from the depths of the sea! Joey has to put his skills, training and experience to the ultimate test before he’s all washed out!

  • Season 2: Episode 20
  • Duration: 21:22
  • Air Date: 03.29.2003
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Season 2: Ep 21 Duration: 19:58

Yu-Gi-Oh! Double Duel, Part 1: Yugi and Kaiba Vs. Lumis and Umbra

Abductions abound! Marik, with the help of Bakura, kidnaps Joey and Téa! To make matters worse, the Rare Hunters also kidnap Mokuba to force Yugi and Kaiba to take on tag team duelists Umbra and Lumis on top of a skyscraper! The losers will be sent plummeting into the Shadow Realm!

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