Yu-Gi-Oh! Shadow of a Duel

It’s the battle of the ghouls as Bakura unleashes his army of ghosts against Bonz’s zealous zombies for the right to enter the Battle City Finals! But for whom will the final bell toll when this duel is played in the Shadow Realm…

  • Season 2: Episode 30
  • Duration: 20:39
  • Air Date: 08.16.2003
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Season 2: Ep 31 Duration: 20:11

Yu-Gi-Oh! Lights, Camera, Duel

It’s the game of love as Hollywood heartthrob Jean-Claude Magnum challenges Mai to a duel in order to win her hand in marriage! Will Mai succumb to Jean-Claude’s charm, not to mention his cadre of ninja monsters, or will she send him packing back to Tinseltown?

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