Yu-Gi-Oh! The ESP Duelist, Part 2

Joey discovers that Espa Roba’s extrasensory perception is a hoax, but he’s not yet free from Espa's mental manipulations! Espa Roba’s Jinzo not only slaughters all of Joey’s monsters, but it grows in power every turn! Joey’s luck has come to an end… or has it?

  • Season 2: Episode 10
  • Duration: 21:23
  • Air Date: 02.01.2003
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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Master of Magicians, Part 1

The magician duelist Arkana transports Yugi to the world’s most lethal dueling arena where the loser gets sent to the Shadow Realm! Yugi must win this duel or he'll lose much more than his Dark Magician!

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