Yu-Gi-Oh! Back to Battle City, Part 3

Joey may have fought some of the fiercest fights in Battle City, but has all his frontline training taught him to become an elite duelist, or is he still a cut below the other three big boys of Duel Monsters? Joey’s gonna show what he’s made of in the conclusion to the four-man battle royal!

  • Season 3: Episode 27
  • Duration: 21:19
  • Air Date: 05.15.2004
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Season 3: Ep 28 Duration: 20:35

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Darkness Returns, Part 1

Marik ensnares Joey in a Shadow Game where each duelist’s heart is linked with his monsters... literally! Every time a monster received damage, the duelist feels the pain instead! Can Joey survive, much less win, a duel where he’s actually losing life points?

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