Yu-Gi-Oh! The Final Face-Off, Part 1

It’s the critical Battle City showdown with the fate of the world at stake: Yami Yugi vs. Marik! In this twisted Shadow Game, if Yami Yugi loses, Yugi is taking a permanent vacation into the Shadow Realm! But if he wins, good Marik will be sent to the Shadow Realm while evil Marik remains! How can our hero win a duel where both outcomes are tragic?

  • Season 3: Episode 41
  • Duration: 21:21
  • Air Date: 07.31.2004
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Season 3: Ep 42 Duration: 21:21

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Final Face-Off, Part 2

Marik proves that his The Winged Dragon of Ra is the strongest Egyptian God Card by destroying Slifer the Sky Dragon! None of Yugi’s cards can withstand its relentless assault, but a gift from Kaiba may be the key to turn the duel around…

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