Yu-Gi-Oh! Burying the Past, Part 1

A missile will destroy the underwater base in thirty minutes, but our heroes are still trapped inside and can’t escape! As Kaiba squares off against his stepfather Gozaburo for their final anguishing battle, Yugi and friends are attacked by endless hordes of monsters! Their only hope is Noah, but they can’t expect help from their enemy... can they?

  • Season 3: Episode 23
  • Duration: 21:20
  • Air Date: 04.03.2004
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Season 3: Ep 24 Duration: 21:07

Yu-Gi-Oh! Burying the Past, Part 2

Kaiba squares off against Gozaburo – and his own demons – to try to finally conquer his painful past, but how can Kaiba defeat Gozaburo’s Exodia Necross which can’t be destroyed by spells, traps, or even attacks? Time is almost up before the missile’s explosion destroys Yugi and friends! Will the Battle City finalists beat the clock and live to duel another day in the stunning conclusion to the virtual world saga!

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