Yu-Gi-Oh! Isolated in Cyberspace, Part 1

Noah displays the power of his virtual world by splitting up Yugi’s gang and flinging them into the far reaches of his self-created universe! The first to duel under the all-new Deck Master System is Yugi against Big 1 Gansley’s Deepsea Warrior! Can Yugi master the complex new rules, or will the rules master him?

  • Season 3: Episode 2
  • Duration: 20:56
  • Air Date: 11.08.2003
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Season 3: Ep 3 Duration: 21:35

Yu-Gi-Oh! Isolated in Cyberspace, Part 2

As Yugi struggles to make heads or tails of the Deck Master System, Big 1 continuously uses his Deck Master ability to send all of Yugi’s attacks right back at him! How can Yugi defeat an opponent when all his attacks take away his very own life points? Meanwhile, Kaiba and Mokuba confront painful visions of their miserable childhood, but within the heartache may lurk the key to Noah’s true intentions...

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