Yu-Gi-Oh! Isolated in Cyberspace, Part 3

Yugi’s running out of life points, but can his cute little Deck Master Kuriboh unleash his furry fury to turn the tide of battle? In a different realm of cyberspace, Téa’s kidnapped by a group of ferocious – and hungry – Hitotsu-Me Giants! Is she going to be chowder, or will she get help from an unlikely – and tuxedo-ed – rescuer?

  • Season 3: Episode 4
  • Duration: 21:21
  • Air Date: 11.15.2003
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Season 3: Ep 5 Duration: 20:25

Yu-Gi-Oh! Freeze Play, Part 1

Prepare for a feathered fight when Téa squares off against Big 2 Crump’s Nightmare Penguin where the loser will be trapped forever in a block of ice! Téa has barely dueled in her life, but now she has to master the new Deck Master System rules! Yugi wants to come to her aid, but Noah transports him into an endless labyrinth. Can either one escape, or is there no exit from the cyber world?

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